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14 Oct 2015 01:23

I always get satisfactory answers from Peter.

- Brenda

01 Aug 2015 23:06

I can't believe how honest and caring Tara was to my issues that I having between my boyfriend. She really gave me sound advice and helped me better understand what is going on with me and Joel. Now I really got the confidence to take back the control in the relationship. 

Thank you so much for listening to me! 

- Barb

01 Aug 2015 23:14

I have been so tired and confused today as to the things that have been happening. Mollie shed positivity into me today.. She is very caring and gentle and gave me good advice . She is one of a kind and I look forward to dealing with her again. 

- Janet

07 Oct 2015 21:05

Lisa has always been a great support. My marriage has been having troubles and Lisa has helped me to change the way I think.

- Gemma

07 Oct 2015 21:01

Always seems to get to the root of my issues and unravels what is causing my problems.

- Lisa

08 Dec 2015 16:20

Talking with Tiffany about my life issues, makes me feel better. It's like talking to someone you've known your whole life. She's like the big sister I never had.

- Alisha

09 Dec 2015 13:00

Thank you Samantha, you helped put my mind at rest. im keeping my fingers crossed that your predictions come true :) xx

- Claire

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