A problem shared is a problem halved!

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You can now talk to one of our online agony aunts whenever and wherever you are using our new iPhone & Android app. Downloading the app will give you one FREE question with further three question bundles available to buy from within the app.


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Live chat with people who want to help – a problem shared is a problem halved!

Do you feel that you have nobody to turn to or maybe you don’t feel that you can discuss things with your family & friends? Are you in a dilemma, worried about relationship problems or have an unresolved issue at work? Maybe a personal issue you having difficulty coping with?

Come and have an Instant Chat to one of our unbiased Online Agony Aunts (or Uncles!) and they will give you non judgemental, confidential advice. Go on, get it off your chest! You’ll feel much better for the experience

What do we do?

Our Agony Aunts and Uncles are online ready to give you instant advice. There is no need to set up msn or yahoo accounts. You can talk to an Agony Aunt immediately through an IM session, here on this website.

Whether it’s relationship advice you need, financial, family or friendship advice or you just need someone independant to talk to, our online agony aunts and uncles are here for you when you need them. You will receive an HONEST answer to your problems from our agony aunts.

Just click on an online profile of one of our Agony Aunts to create an account, buy some credits and the advice and help you need will be minutes away!

No need to wait for an email to receive advice for your problem – this is instant!

How does it work? Why are we different from other Agony Aunt sites?

On most agony aunt sites you have to pay a fixed price and write or email to them. Here at Instant Agony Aunt we have an instant messenger of our own. You can log in and talk privately to one of our online agony aunts for as long as you want to, paying as you go. This is much better than receiving a reply by email and realising that you have something else to ask!

When one of our agony aunts gives you advice you can keep asking questions and getting replies until you feel that you are on the way to solving your problem.

That’s what we do – offer instant online advice!

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  • Hi,I have a problem and it really upsets me. I was talking to a guy friend for awhile. Everything was going great and we flirted abit.next thing he was gone! I have mailed him a lot of times asking him did I do anything wrong and he will not answer.he answered after a month saying ‘give me your number and il ring u some time be a lot easier than mailing him. I picked that up as a fob off! I’m really upset and I really wish I wud stop mailing him but can’t help it. What do I do?


  • me and my boyfriend had a row and we are not talking because he thinks i’m stalking him but all of his friends don’t like me but some of them do and they’re saying i’m not what should i do please help???